Come Fly Radio Control Aircraft With Us!

February Meeting Date Moved

Due to a library scheduling conflict we have to move our meeting to Wednesday, 14 Feb. Yes, folks -- that's Valentine's Day. So drag your sweetheart out to a romantic evening talking model airplanes with R/C nerds!

And Don't Forget Swap 'Til You Drop!

The Midwest's premier R/C swap meet is about to happen, ladies and gents. Get ready for Swap 'Til You Drop 2018! We're going to need volunteers for various tasks including Friday afternoon setup, Saturday vendor assistance and door security, and Saturday knockdown. See Hector if you can help with any of these jobs.

Indoor Flying Season Has Ended

NightHawk indoor flying at White Pines Golf Dome has ended for the season. They do have multirotor flying and racing out there, however. If you are interested in that contact the dome for more info.

Current Event Calendar
Feb 14 Membership meeting
Altered date
07:00 PM Itasca Public Library
Feb 26 Board meeting 07:00 PM Bob Vance house
Mar 12 Membership meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Public Library
Mar 26 Board meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Public Library
Mar 31 Swap 'Til You Drop! 08:00 AM DuPage Fairgrounds
Events Hosted by Others
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SRCB Members Connect

09 Feb, 09:25 Marty: Heh, heh, heh.
09 Feb, 09:24 Marty: Meeting is on Wednesday next week, folks. Bring roses!
12 Jan, 08:02 LMTLESS: Is there indoor flying this Sat Jan 13
09 Jan, 11:24 Marty: Don't forget that the quad guys have the dome for Saturday, the 20th. We could all go watch the race...
01 Jan, 15:00 Steve m: Happy New Year guys and gals. That was cool and cold this AM. Lets see the picture
01 Jan, 11:44 Ernie: Whew -7 that was brutal, thanks for letting me participate.
31 Dec, 16:46 Father Time: Happy New Year!
28 Dec, 16:56 Bob: I may not be there for the picture, because I am having the other eye done on the 2nd.
28 Dec, 16:54 Bob: Brian, I haven't looked at this site in quite a while. The club disassociated itself from the dome several years ago. Some of the people at the dome may also be members in our club. In addition, I was told that the airplane function will cl
28 Dec, 07:32 Mother Nature: Looks like 1/1/18 funfly is gonna be COLD, -5 and winds 8 mph gusting to 14 from the WNW.
24 Dec, 08:52 Santa: Merry Christmas
10 Dec, 19:54 Brian : Sorry for commenting here but none of you take my calls or emails so I'm forced to reach out to you publicly. I'm very concerned your clubs neglect in providing a safe format at he dome is gonna ruin it for all.
10 Dec, 19:51 Brian: Allowing young kids to walk out in the field while drones and plankers are flying about is a joke. A flying 3D 15 ft away from himself got his plane destroyed by a quad. Thats ridiculous!
10 Dec, 19:48 Brian: I've tried to seperate quads and fixed wing from the dome because of extreme safety concerns due to the lack of consideration your club makes to keep people flying safe especially after what happened last night!
10 Dec, 19:45 Brian: I've spoken to your president Hector and numerous people who run the dome for you guys. For the record you guys have chosen to stop dome night for the Nighthawks not the drone guys.
10 Dec, 19:41 Brian : I'm not sure how any member of your club has gotten the impression that the drone club wants all Saturdays at the dome. We are only having events 1 Saturday a month while the dome is open.
13 Nov, 15:26 Marty: Thanks to Keith Egging the new rollover prize is a Rx-ready Parkstar Advanced. See it at tonight's meeting!
10 Nov, 13:15 Marty: Keep in mind that we have a short season this year; Nov-Jan. The quad racers are taking over the dome in February, so get your flying in while you can!
03 Nov, 19:35 Dave: Thanks Marty. I'll be flying there several times this winter.
03 Nov, 11:46 Marty: Dome opens tonight, 3 Nov, at 21:00 Lima. Free tonight and tomorrow.

Suburban R/C Barnstormers, Inc. (SRCB) is an AMA (Chapter 640) chartered model aviation club with a deep history. Our emphasis is on radio-controlled aircraft of all types and sizes — from indoor flight to giant scale; fixed wing, helicopters, and multirotors; scratch built and Ready-To-Fly. We fly 'em all!

SRCB have been bringing radio control model aircraft hobbyists together in northeastern Illinois, mainly suburban Chicago, for many years. Our members participate in regular monthly meetings and club flying events plus a variety of special activities throughout the year. We range in age and modeling experience from toddler through elderly and from complete beginners through advanced model designers, builders, and pilots. Whatever your model aircraft interests or skill level, you'll find a welcome home at SRCB.

You can find us flying year 'round at Pratt's Wayne Model Flight Field in Bartlett.

Just getting into the hobby and need some help or advice? Our members are very friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand. We even have instructors that can teach you to fly! Check out our Contact Us page for the instructor's email address.


Some of our regular activities include the following:

...and much more. Come join us at an upcoming meeting or other event to see what we're about.

Fly With a Like-Minded Crowd

SRCB members design, build, and fly fuel and electric airplanes and helicopters of all sizes, shapes, and description. We have members who stick with Ready-To-Fly models and members who scratch build their own planes all the way down to the landing gear struts. No matter what your interest is in R/C model aviation you'll find somebody who shares your passion at SRCB.

Open To Anyone

SRCB welcomes anyone interested in R/C aviation to join us (AMA membership required to fly). You may have flown control line or free flight as a kid. You may be discovering R/C for the first time. You may not even own any aircraft, but are just interested in the hobby. Come talk to us and see if SRCB is the place for you.

To join our club you can print up and mail in the handy online membership application. For more information you can email us at . Or if you prefer you can contact someone on our contacts list to get information on a specific topic. We look forward to seeing you and talking R/C aircraft!

A Note from the Webmaster

Thanks to the board for allowing me the honor of being the club's webmaster and technical support guy. Should you run across anything on this site that needs fixing don't hesitate to email me with problem reports.

For corrections to content and any new info you'd like to see posted contact newsletter editor Scott Taylor.

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