Come Fly Radio Control Aircraft With Us!

Fun Fly #2 with Open House

SRCB is hosting an Open House at the August Fun Fly. We're hoping to have folks from the public show up to see what we are about and bring their kids to a Make-It, Take It. This year's model is a foamie delta wing chuck glider.

Come on out to the Fun Fly and maybe show a youngster how to properly toss a glider!

Outdoor Flying Season is Here!

The 2017 Propmasters/Barnstormers Interclub Fun Fly is on Sunday, August 13 at Springbrook Field in Naperville. Check flights start at 9:00 AM.

On August 20 we'll be having our Fun Fly #2 and Open House out at Pratt's Wayne Woods starting at 9:00 AM.

Current Event Calendar
Date Event Time Location
Aug 5 Simulator Seminar
[Volunteers needed]
1:00 PM Itasca Public Library
Aug 13 Interclub Fun Fly
Limbo contest
9:00 AM Springbrook Field
Aug 14 Board Meeting 7:00 PM Itasca Public Library
Aug 20 Fun Fly #2
Open House
9:00 AM Pratt's Wayne Woods
Events Hosted by Others
Date Event Location Contact Info
Sep 1-3 2017 Giant Scale RC
Model Aircraft Air Show
Dayton, Ohio Giant Scalers
Nov 25 Madison County R/C Flyers
19th Annual Swap Meet
Alexandria, IN Bryon Hamrick, (765) 639-2446
SRCB Members Connect

31 Aug, 12:21 Marty: Thanks for coming out to the Open House, all who attended. We'll do a better job of promoting the event next year.
13 Aug, 13:47 Marty: Drat! Those pesky Propmasters won again! We'll get 'em next year, for sure. But you couldn't ask for a better day to fly.
11 Aug, 13:50 Marty: Also, still working on a kit for the Open House. Trying to simplify for kids.
11 Aug, 13:49 Marty: Gonna do the Interclub on Sunday. I guess I'll have to tack some wheels on to a Longhorn to land in the box. Heh.
28 Jul, 08:33 Ernie B: Was it starting this weekend that the runway is being sealcoated?
26 Jul, 07:46 Marty: Man, I *still* haven't renewed my permit for P-W. Duh. Need it for the Interclub, also.
16 Jul, 12:25 Ernie B: Watched the SRCB practice the limbo and caught up with some people I have not seen in a while thanks Scott, Chuck, Tom M., Paul, Steve and Tom J.
27 Jun, 09:23 Mike Gapastione: Is Thur still novice night at Pratt
09 May, 04:34 Bob: There is no board meeting in May. April is the last board meeting until September.
28 Feb, 20:04 Dan TrueRC: Thank you for the invite to the swap meet. I will do my best to prepare for it and actually show up this year.
04 Jan, 12:27 Ernie B: I'm glad you guys had a nice day for the frozen finger funfly
29 Nov, 09:48 Marty: Gotta go through some of my older planes and such to see if I have stuff to donate to the Charity Auction. Gotta be something good around here.
13 Nov, 23:17 Marty: Well! That's a bit scary. Although I don't see us as a high risk target crowd, we can't ignore the possibility that our aircraft will come under control attack. That means the R/C indistry has to fix this, and quick.
28 Oct, 19:20 Lino: DSMX Hacked
24 Oct, 12:07 STAN W: NightHawk Indoor Flying starts Nov 4th, on a Friday night, 9 to11.
06 Oct, 12:15 Ernie B: This weekend 10/8 & 9 there is a TFR for VIP movement, so PWW most likely will be closed.
14 Sep, 11:38 Chuck W: Does anyone know if there are plans to roll the field? Also, why can't the whole field be cut? The runway is nice but I still see a lot of guys landing and taking off from the grass.
04 Aug, 12:29 joe gapastione: Will There be flying tonight at P/W or is it to hot
26 Jul, 11:46 Marty: Meeting on a Thursday. The world is coming to an end!
18 Jul, 11:47 test: test
06 Jul, 15:17 Chuck W: Anyone lose a plane? A note at the field today says someone found a plane to call 630 327-3095
19 May, 14:53 Marty: Start stocking shampoo now.
27 Apr, 07:12 AvPD: Jason B.'s Pride and Joy -- On April 15th Emily Boettcher was born, weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces, 21" long. And lots of hair LOL.
30 Mar, 14:05 AvPD: Well Done!
29 Mar, 10:47 Marty: Swap went reasonably well. Few complaints, many praises. Lots of vendors went home with empty boxes and big smiles.
29 Mar, 06:45 .: How did the swap go?
28 Mar, 11:05 Marty: A guy named Dan Waller left a .60 sized Astro, blue fuselage, yellow low wing, tail dragger, at the swap. Does anybody recall seeing it?
25 Mar, 05:59 .: Good luck on the swap tomorrow
18 Mar, 14:52 Marty: I have four of the swap meet street signs. Who has the other two?
06 Mar, 06:53 Keith: If you volunteer for the swap, I'll give each one of you an electric flying machine!
02 Mar, 14:26 .: It was pointed out to me that the map on RCG points to the old field.
01 Mar, 02:34 Marty: Would have gone to that one had I been healthy. What else is coming up locally?
12 Feb, 12:22 Debbie: Fox valley swap shop February 20th
05 Feb, 11:32 Marty: Just something to hold a place.

Suburban R/C Barnstormers, Inc. (SRCB) is an AMA (Chapter 640) chartered model aviation club with a deep history. Our emphasis is on radio-controlled aircraft of all types and sizes — from indoor flight to giant scale; fixed wing, helicopters, and multirotors; scratch built and Ready-To-Fly. We fly 'em all!

SRCB have been bringing radio control model aircraft hobbyists together in northeastern Illinois, mainly suburban Chicago, for many years. Our members participate in regular monthly meetings and club flying events plus a variety of special activities throughout the year. We range in age and modeling experience from toddler through elderly and from complete beginners through advanced model designers, builders, and pilots. Whatever your model aircraft interests or skill level, you'll find a welcome home at SRCB.

You can find us flying year 'round at Pratt's Wayne Model Flight Field in Bartlett.

Just getting into the hobby and need some help or advice? Our members are very friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand. We even have instructors that can teach you to fly! Check out our Contact Us page for the instructor's email address.


Some of our regular activities include the following:

...and much more. Come join us at an upcoming meeting or other event to see what we're about.

Fly With a Like-Minded Crowd

SRCB members design, build, and fly fuel and electric airplanes and helicopters of all sizes, shapes, and description. We have members who stick with Ready-To-Fly models and members who scratch build their own planes all the way down to the landing gear struts. No matter what your interest is in R/C model aviation you'll find somebody who shares your passion at SRCB.

Open To Anyone

SRCB welcomes anyone interested in R/C aviation to join us (AMA membership required to fly). You may have flown control line or free flight as a kid. You may be discovering R/C for the first time. You may not even own any aircraft, but are just interested in the hobby. Come talk to us and see if SRCB is the place for you.

To join our club you can print up and mail in the handy online membership application. For more information you can email us at . Or if you prefer you can contact someone on our contacts list to get information on a specific topic. We look forward to seeing you and talking R/C aircraft!

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