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The December Board Meeting is Rescheduled

In anticipation of a large portion of the membership being unavailable the Monday after Christmas we're moving the board meeting up to the previous week. Attendance is by ZOOM. Details to follow.

The Donated Engine Auction is Concluded

Thanks to everyone who bid in the Donated Engine Auction. Winners will be notified and posted in the newsletter. Please bring funds to the next member meeting.

Election Nominations at the October Meeting

We will be accepting nominations for Officers and Board Members at the October membership meeting. Ernie and Kurt have been working hard to find members to accept nominations. Hector and Paul will not be running in the election so their positions as President and Vice President will need to be filled.

Please plan to attend and participate in the selection process.

SRCB Donation Giveaway/Auction at the September Meeting!

Over the years the club has received donations of airplanes and related items. Our goal at the September meeting is to disperse among club members present all the planes currently being stored. Future giveaways/auctions will disperse engines, tools, and other RC-related items.

We'd like to ensure that all members in attendance get a fair chance of obtaining a plane. Therefore there will be a giveaway or auction for each one.

Bid/request sheets will show planes by photo or just by name if no photo is available. There will be spaces for the name of interested members, and for a bid if it is needed. If more than one member expresses interest, there will be an auction for the item. Next to your name you can enter "NO BID" or an amount of $1 or more. As with a regular auction, the highest bidder wins. If you are the only member interested -- Congratulations! the plane is yours.

At some point during the meeting we will collect the papers and pause to announce the winner for each plane. If there is a bid involved, the winner should pay that amount to the treasurer and take your plane. The treasurer may keep the bid sheets to help him keep track of any monies.

Come on out and grow your fleet the easy way!

The Interclub Fun Fly is Coming Up!

Sunday, August 14th is the day for the Interclub Fun Fly with the PropMasters of Naperville. Come out to Pratt's-Wayne Flying Field at noon to set up. We'll start flying competition at 1:00 PM.

The event is a Two Minute Dead Stick Spot Landing. This is the same event we conducted at our July Fun Fly #3. It a 2-minute timed flight from wheels up to touch down. No mechanical aids are allowed in timing.

Perfect score is a 2 minute flight. However, there will be a penalty if you bounce on landing more than one-half the height of your wheels. Practice up for this one, folks!

Thursday Night Training is in Full Swing!

Come on out Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM for pilot training with Flight Instructor Steve Thill. Steve will be making announcements and releasing additional details in our Members Connect chatbox, below. It's a Good Idea® to contact Steve ahead of time to set up a training session.

SRCB has trainer planes and radios to use for these sessions, so you don't necessarily need your own plane to get started. This flyer contains details on our training that you will want to learn about before showing up. Come on out and learn to fly without crashing!

Fun Fly #2

Get your planes ready to LIMBO! [insert tropical Jamaican music here] We be holding our second Fun Fly on Sunday, 12 June at the Pratt's-Wayne field, mon. Dis follow our typical times with trim flights starting around 9 AM and the competition starting around 10 AM. Les Arnold be our oh-so-groovy Fun Fly director, mon.

This event will require pilots to fly under a progressively lower limbo line. Not to worry, the line be made from old video tape, so it will easily break if hit (yes, a great use for those old tapes!). The poles will be padded and free to fall if hit, to minimize potential damage.

We be eating after the competition, mon. Get dose planes ready and practice dem low passes! We be seeing you dere, mon!

Static Model Contest

We will be holding our annual Static Model Contest at the next meeting on Monday, May 9. This event gives member a chance to share new acquisitions or recently completed projects with the membership. Members vote for their favorite models in several categories. Show off your craftsmanship and see other members' work as well. Everyone comes out a winner!

Interclub Glider Fun Fly

Our Interclub Fun Fly glider competition that will include members from the Prop Masters is scheduled for May 15th. However, the time has been changed. We will now have our pre-flights starting at noon and the competition starting at 1:00 PM. The event is being held at the Kress Creek Flying Field (aka Manville Oaks) site, located along Joliet Street halfway between Roosevelt and Route 59 in West Chicago.

Glider Fun at Manville Oaks

Glider and 3D wunderkind Ernie Blenkle invites all glider pilots that intend to compete at the May 15 Fun Fly to Test & Tune their gliders out at Kress Creek. This invitation includes members of the Prop Masters RC Aero Club. The intent here is to get everyone's planes set to peak performance and familiarize all pilots with how glider competition works.

The date(s) have not been set yet. Ernie typically sets these sessions up on weekends, but it is weather reliant. Stay tuned via the Members Connect chatbox below and watch your email inbox.

The Mask Mandate is Lifted!

The Itasca Community Library is still recommending masks, but not requiring them. Why not come out to the next meeting and see your fellow Barnstormers face to face?

The Frozen Finger Fun Fly

This annual event was held out at Pratt's Wayne on New Year's Day. Here are the brave souls who ventured out into the weather:

Click for larger image

A Good Time® was had by all!