Suburban R/C Barnstormers
Monthly Club Fun Fly

Regular club flying events are held at Pratt's Wayne Model Flight Field in Bartlett. Club events are open to the general public, but for spectating only. Visit the DuPage Forest Preserve District web site for more detailed information about the venue.

(Note that special glider and low power events may be held at Kress Creek.)

Just For Fun Contests

Our Fun Fly events occasionally have a silly contest of some type. Here are some examples of the contests we've had:


Altitude Precision
Participants are loaned a recording altimeter, which they attach to their aircraft. Using no aid other than their own senses pilots fly to a target altitude and return. Closest to the target altitude without going over wins!
Time Precision
Judges start a timer when the pilot's aircraft leaves the ground or hand. Using no aid other than their own senses pilots fly a loop and land. Closest to the target time wins!
Dead Stick Spot Landing
Pilots fly a racetrack pattern for a random time. At the horn the pilot chops the throttle and attempts to land on the target spot. Closest first wheel touchdown wins!
Glider Duration
Pilots get a hand launching their powered gliders and hold wide open for a specified time before chopping the throttle. Last touchdown wins!

Additionally, we always have a door prize drawing at Fun Fly events. Everybody goes home with something!