Suburban R/C Barnstormers
Bylaws of Suburban R/C Barnstormers, Inc.

Article 1 (General)

This Club has been formed to promote the construction and flying of radio controlled model aircraft for the enjoyment and recreation of its members. Suburban R/C Barnstormers is a non-profit organization in which all dues and monies received will be used to provide and maintain flying site(s) and to promote and fund club activities.

Article 1A (Meeting Schedule)

Club meetings will be held on a monthly basis. Board meetings will be held on a monthly basis for the months of September through April.

Article 2 (Club Offices and Elections)

Article 2A (Elected Positions)

The elected positions of the club will consist of four Club Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, three Committee Chairpersons: Fun Fly Chairperson, Flight Instruction Chairperson and Safety Chairperson, and five Board Members at Large.

Article 2B (Board of Directors)

The Board of Directors will be comprised of twelve members, consisting of four current Club Officers, three Committee Chairpersons and five Board Members at Large. The five Board Members at Large will consist of out-going officers (if applicable) and elected Board Member(s). An out-going officer is a current Club Officer that is either not nominated for another term, chooses not to run for another term or is voted out of office.

The Board of Directors will be the ultimate governing body of the club. Decisions reached at board meetings requiring membership approval will be presented at the club meeting as a motion. All motions presented to the membership will be open to discussion and require the approval of the majority of the members in attendance.

Qualifications for nomination to the Board of Directors are as follows:

  1. Minimum age 21
  2. Member in good standing for minimum of six (6) months
  3. Be in attendance a minimum of 2/3 of total meetings
  4. Any officer can succeed himself in his present office or another office if so elected by the club based on a popular vote

A Board Member can be relieved of this position for the following reasons:

  1. Resignation: Voluntary resignation from the Board due to personal matters.
  2. Incompetence: Should a Board Member become incompetent in the execution and fulfillment of his responsibilities, he will be so notified by the Chairman of the Board. After two (2) such notices, the Board Member will be notified that he is temporarily relieved of his position until the other Board Members vote on his disposition and a course of action. A majority vote of Board Members in attendance will be required for the disposition. In the event of a tie vote, the Chairman will have the power of an extra vote to break any deadlock. A new Board Member will then be elected to the Board of Directors, if so deemed.
  3. No Confidence: In accordance with (2) above, any Board Member or Club Officer not performing to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors, whether it is incompetence in the fulfillment of duties, unsportsmanlike conduct, conduct not in the best interest of the members or the club as a whole, will be subject to the disciplinary action deemed just and necessary by the Board of Directors.

Article 2C (Elections)

Elections for Club Officers, Committee Chairpersons and Board Members at Large will be every two years. Nomination will be accepted at the October club meeting and election will be held at the November club meeting of the election year. Should a Club Officer not run for another term or be voted out of office, that out-going officer will remain on the Board of Directors as a Board Member at Large for the following term to assist in maintaining operational continuity of the club. Elections will be decided by a majority of the members in attendance.

Voting for all positions will be secret ballot unless the majority of members in attendance decides otherwise. The first ballot will be for Club Officers. Any nominee for Club Officer that was not elected to an office is eligible to be nominated for any other elected position. A second ballot will be for Committee Chair positions. Any nominee for Club Officer or Committee Chair that did not win is eligible to be nominated for a Board Member at Large. The number of Board Member at Large positions available will be the number needed to provide twelve board members. The newly elected Club Officers, Committee Chairpersons and Board Members at Large will assume their duties and responsibilities at the January club meeting following the November election.

At each January Board Meeting following an election Chairman of the Board candidates will be nominated from the new Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then elect a Chairman of the Board by a majority of the Board Members in attendance.

Article 2D (Special Elections)

A special election will be held if a Board Member chooses not to continue as a Board Member or is relieved of the position. The replacement candidates will be nominated and elected during a regularly scheduled monthly club meeting by the majority of members in attendance within 60 days.

Article 3 (Club Officer Duties)

Article 3A (President)

The President will preside over all meetings and conduct them in a responsible parliamentary manner. It will be his express responsibility to check on all club activities and records to make certain that everything is being handled in the best interest of the club. It will be his further responsibility to assign specific duties to Club Officers, Committee Chairpersons and members, as the need arises, to enhance and promote member interest. The President will call a Club Officers meeting as required, prior to regularly scheduled meetings, to plan the format for the next club meeting. He will be required to conduct the meetings from a written agenda so that the business portion of the meeting is conducted efficiently and in the shortest possible time. No officer of the club can assign duties to club officers or members other than the President or Acting President. The President must familiarize himself with the AMA rules and regulations. Lastly, the President will be the primary point of contact with the DuPage Forest Preserve District (DFPD) regarding field issues, modifications and maintenance, possible field rule changes, and promote overall goodwill between the club and the DFPD.

Article 3B (Vice President)

The Vice President will take over the duties of the President at the regularly scheduled club meetings in the absence of the President. In this instance, the President is to provide the Vice President with a written agenda so that the business portion of the club meeting can be handled in an efficient manner. The Vice President will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Become thoroughly familiar with the AMA rules and requirements of our club and our club members
  2. Oversee all committee activities being performed without board representation
  3. Conduct the club raffles at the regularly scheduled club meetings
  4. Report on the raffle treasury status at each club meeting
  5. Obtain gift certificates and donations from hobby shops
  6. Plan entertainment for club meeting such as visitor talks, movies, etc.
  7. Present plans for the annual club Christmas Party

Article 3C (Secretary)

The Secretary will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a club roster and provide an electronic or written copy to members in good standing upon request. The club roster is to be used only to accommodate communication among the membership
  2. Take attendance at each club meeting and keep a record of attendance
  3. Take the minutes at each of the Board, Officer and Club meetings
  4. Be prepared to read the minutes of the previous meeting, if requested
  5. Update the club roster at least once every six (6) months or as necessary
  6. The club roster will include member name, address, phone number, email address (when available) and AMA number
  7. Keep an updated version of the club bylaws on the club website and provide an electronic or written copy of bylaws to members upon request
  8. Provide Club Membership Cards to members
  9. Provide minutes and club roster information for publishing the newsletter
  10. Enlist club members to assist in authoring and distributing a periodic newsletter to club membership

Article 3D (Treasurer)

The Treasurer will collect all monies and keep a record of same. The Treasurer will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Give a report at each meeting of all receipts, expenditures and account balance
  2. Collect member dues
  3. Maintain a bank account in the club name and arrange for transfer of same to the succeeding Treasurer
  4. Develop the annual operating budget for the club and present it to the Board of Directors
  5. Maintain an archive of all financial information and provide an electronic or printed backup of club financial reports at least every other month
  6. Obtain permits from the Forest Preserve for Fun Fly event dates

Article 4 (Committee Chairperson Duties)

Article 4A (Fun Fly Chairman)

The Fun Fly Chairman will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Work with the Board of Directors to define:
    1. the number of Fun Fly events that will be held during the flying season
    2. the dates of the Fun Fly events
    3. the number of events that will have food
    4. arrange for trophies, ribbons and/or prizes for club contests
    5. any unusual requirements
  2. Work with the club members to:
    1. recruit a Fun Fly director for each event
    2. recruit Fun Fly helpers for each event
    3. assist in determining the events held
    4. ensure arrangements are made for food and drink
    5. arrange any inter-club Fun Fly events
    6. ensure adequate notice is provided the club for upcoming Fun Fly events
    7. encourage the membership to participate
  3. At the Fun Fly (if attending):
    1. ensure the event is conducted safely and responsibly
    2. if necessary, act as a backup for the director, the cook, or a helper

Article 4B (Flight Instruction Chairman)

The Flight Instruction Chairman will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Arrange with the Board of Directors to
    1. develop a plan for instruction programs
    2. maintain a list of active / qualified instructors
    3. ensure available instructors to members
    4. obtain and maintain any required equipment used for instruction
  2. Work with the club members to:
    1. determine the members' needs
    2. distribute the list of active instructors
    3. award solo certificates
    4. recruit/train new instructors
  3. Work with the instructors to:
    1. ensure they are ready, willing and able to train
    2. develop an 'at the field' program for identifying available instructors

Article 4C (Safety Chairman)

The Safety Chairman will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Arrange with the Board of Directors to:
    1. develop a plan for safe field operations
    2. develop club literature / awareness program
    3. ensure compliance with current AMA requirements
  2. Work with the club members to:
    1. determine club members' needs
    2. create awareness of known hazards
    3. develop a safety program that:
      1. concentrates on awareness
      2. does not penalize or evict
      3. solves safety problems
      4. involves the club membership
  3. Work with Flight Instruction Chairman to:
    1. promote safety awareness in novice pilots
  4. At the field:
    1. ensure club, field and AMA safety codes are followed
    2. work out problems diplomatically
    3. identify, raise and / or resolve safety issues
    4. work with Flight Instruction and Fun Fly chairmen to promote safety
    5. make safety our #1 priority

Article 5 (Membership)

Article 5A (New Members)

Subscription to the club must be done on a formal basis. Prospective members must fill out an application for membership which identifies the date application was made, as well as the name, address, phone number, email (if available) and AMA number.

Article 5B (Club Dues)

Annual dues will be determined by the Board of Directors. An Open Member will pay full dues. A Junior Member (under age 16) will pay half the Open Member rate. Dues for the Family Plan will be Open Member dues plus 25% of open membership dues for each family member (Family members include immediate family who reside at the same address). Exceptions will be handled on an individual basis by the current officers. Fiscal year for the club will be from January 1st through December 31st. Club dues are due by January 1st. Current Club Officers will be granted a free membership during their term of office. Life Members will also be granted free membership.

Article 5C (Club Dues - Senior Citizens)

Senior citizens age 65 and over will pay half the open member rate.

Article 5D (Club Dues - Reduction)

All members joining the club will be charged full dues from January 1st through July 31st. From August 1st through December 31st, 50% dues will be collected. Dues reduction only applies to those who have not been members for the past three years.

Article 5E (Club Dues - Special Assessments)

All members will be responsible for the payment of any assessments approved by the Board of Directors, and voted on by the membership at large.

Article 5F (Life Members)

The original four founding and charter officers of the Suburban RC Barnstormers are granted lifetime membership. Also, any member that has performed outstanding service to the club and its members for at least ten years may be nominated for life membership. Nominations for life membership will be made at any board meeting by any club member. The decision to grant life membership will be decided by the board of directors by a majority vote of board members in attendance.

Article 6 (Flying)

Article 6A (AMA Membership)

All pilots participating in club sponsored flying events must have a current AMA license. All members flying at Pratt’s Wayne Woods facilities must have a current DFPD model aircraft permit.

Article 6B (Flying Guests)

All guests will be allowed flying privileges at club events only if he/she has a current AMA license and DFPD Permit (except "buddy-box" flights as permitted by AMA insurance).

Article 6C (Member Responsibility)

All members will be personally responsible for damages caused by them to persons and property and will satisfy said responsibility before resumption of flying.

Article 7 (Budget)

At each December board meeting the Treasurer will recommend a proposed annual operating budget for the upcoming year. Once approved by the board at the December board meeting the budget will be affirmed by a majority vote of members present at the January club meeting. Once approved by the club the Club Officers will be empowered to execute the approved budget. Any additional expenditures in excess of $100 will require the approval of the majority of the members present at club meetings by majority vote.

Article 8 (Voting)

All issues subject to membership vote must be passed by a majority vote of all members present. Each member will have one vote.

Article 9 (Bylaw Changes)

Additions or revisions of the bylaws are subject to a majority approval of the Board of Directors of the club prior to being submitted to a membership vote. The membership must be informed of an upcoming Bylaw revision vote prior to the club meeting via the club newsletter. This will include a copy of the current and revised bylaws for review. Any new bylaw revisions must be approved by a majority vote of members in attendance.

Revision History

Revision Date
Original 10/01/1980
1st Revision 09/30/1981
2nd Revision 01/27/1982
3rd Revision 12/01/1983
4th Revision 10/24/1984
5th Revision 12/14/1989
6th Revision 10/15/1992
7th Revision 04/03/1995
8th Revision 04/03/2000
9th Revision 05/12/2014