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SRCB Donation Giveaway/Auction at the September Meeting!

Over the years the club has received donations of airplanes and related items. Our goal at the September meeting is to disperse among club members present all the planes currently being stored. Future giveaways/auctions will disperse engines, tools, and other RC-related items.

We'd like to ensure that all members in attendance get a fair chance of obtaining a plane. Therefore there will be a giveaway or auction for each one.

Bid/request sheets will show planes by photo or just by name if no photo is available. There will be spaces for the name of interested members, and for a bid if it is needed. If more than one member expresses interest, there will be an auction for the item. Next to your name you can enter "NO BID" or an amount of $1 or more. As with a regular auction, the highest bidder wins. If you are the only member interested -- Congratulations! the plane is yours.

At some point during the meeting we will collect the papers and pause to announce the winner for each plane. If there is a bid involved, the winner should pay that amount to the treasurer and take your plane. The treasurer may keep the bid sheets to help him keep track of any monies.

Come on out and grow your fleet the easy way!

SRCB Members Connect

26 Sep, 09:03 Kurt: I have signed up!
22 Sep, 19:54 Ernie B: Question - how many are signed up for Gallery Login?
20 Sep, 20:38 Ernie B: Congrats to Chuck Weibler #1, Kurt Krempetz #2 and Steve Thill #3 on the spot landing contest.
17 Sep, 06:18 Forecast:: 9/18 Su 1pm: 14 mph winds gusting to 30 from the S and 77 degrees sunny skies. Severe Crosswinds.
15 Sep, 12:37 Paul K: Field is closed today. Runway is having crcks filled and reseal coated.
Thursday Evening Training is Up and Running!

Thursday Evening Training out at Pratt's-Wayne runs most Thursday evenings starting from 6:00 PM and going until close to sunset. Watch the Members Connect chatbox above for details and announcements.

Here's a flyer detailing training at our field.

Don't Forget to Get Certified

The FAA is requiring The Recreational UAS Safety Test certification for all recreational flyers now. You can take the test online via the AMA's TRUST test facility. If you have been flying R/C for more than a week you'll pass on the first attempt. Keep your certification in printed form in your flight box and in PDF form on your phone, along with your FAA registration number.

Yes, this is a drag, but is an FAA requirement. Let's cooperate to avoid any issues that could affect our hobby.

Current Event Calendar
July 11 Membership meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Community
July 17 Fun Fly #3 9:00 AM setup,
10:00 AM start
Flying Field
July 25 Board meeting 07:00 PM ZOOM (details
to follow)
Aug 8 Membership meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Community
Aug 14 Interclub Fun Fly Noon setup,
1:00 PM start
Flying Field
Aug 22 Board meeting 07:00 PM ZOOM (details
to follow)
Sep 12 Membership meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Community
Sep 18 Fun Fly #4 9:00 AM setup,
10:00 AM start
Flying Field
Sep 26 Board meeting 07:00 PM ZOOM (details
to follow)
Oct 10 Membership meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Community
Oct 24 Board meeting 07:00 PM ZOOM (details
to follow)
Nov 14 Membership meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Community
Nov 28 Board meeting 07:00 PM ZOOM (details
to follow)
Dec 12 Christmas meeting 07:00 PM Itasca Community
Events Hosted by Others
Date Event Time Contact

Repeating Events

Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago

Just Friends, Fun, and Flying!

Winged Wednesday

Wednesday Evening Flying! Who's in? Nothing formal. All are invited. Get help learning to fly!

5:00 PM 'til sundown
Tinley Creek Model Airplane Flying Field
S Cicero Ave, Matteson, IL 60443

Float Fly Friday

Planes/Boats/Helicopters/Hovercraft -- If it floats and or flies it's welcome.

Every 1st Saturday & 3rd Friday of the Month
Saturday on Memorial Day, July 3rd, and Labor Day weekends
Normal Friday and Saturday landing fee is $5.00 (free to SAC members)
Memorial Day and Labor Day landing fee is $10.00

Suburban R/C Barnstormers, Inc. (SRCB) is an AMA (Chapter 640) chartered model aviation club with a deep history. Our emphasis is on radio-controlled aircraft of all types and sizes — from indoor flight to giant scale; fixed wing, helicopters, and multirotors; scratch built and Ready-To-Fly. We fly 'em all!

SRCB have been bringing radio control model aircraft hobbyists together in northeastern Illinois, mainly suburban Chicago, for many years. Our members participate in regular monthly meetings and club flying events plus a variety of special activities throughout the year. We range in age and modeling experience from toddler through elderly and from complete beginners through advanced model designers, builders, and pilots. Whatever your model aircraft interests or skill level, you'll find a welcome home at SRCB.

Just getting into the hobby and need some help or advice? Our members are very friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand. We even have instructors that can teach you to fly! Check out our Contact Us page for the instructor's email address.


Some of our regular activities include the following:

...and much more. Come join us at an upcoming meeting or other event to see what we're about.

A Passion for Flying

SRCB members design, build, and fly fuel and electric airplanes and helicopters of all sizes, shapes, and description. We have members who stick with Ready-To-Fly models and members who scratch build their own planes all the way down to the landing gear struts. No matter what your interest is in R/C model aviation you'll find somebody who shares your passion at SRCB.

Multiple Flying Venues

SRCB has two fields at which we regularly fly plus several local parks that members use for ad hoc flying sessions. For "serious" flying we use Pratt's-Wayne field, part of the DuPage Forest Preserve. We also fly more relaxed sessions out at Kress Creek Farms Park (known as Manville Oaks), part of the West Chicago Park District. Ask around at a club meeting to discover where and when other members regularly fly so you can join them there.

All Are Welcome

SRCB welcomes anyone interested in R/C aviation to join us (AMA membership required to fly). You may have flown control line or free flight as a kid. You may be discovering R/C for the first time. You may not even own any aircraft, but are just interested in the hobby. Come talk to us and see if SRCB is the place for you.

To join our club you can print up and mail in the handy online membership application. For more information you can email us at . Or if you prefer you can contact someone on our contacts list to get information on a specific topic. We look forward to seeing you and talking R/C aircraft!

A Note from the Webmaster

Adding Members to the Gallery

Those members who would like to post pics up on the photo gallery can ask me about getting access. I'll create an account for you and you can post up there.

-- Marty Schrader, Webmaster --